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Spice & Cooking Cabinet in Small Spaces

I know, we all have that one headache cupboard that becomes a catch all for all of our random spices, baking, and seasonings. Also, if you are struggling with a tight space, this will give you some inspiration!

The best way to tackle anything like this is to pull everything out first and organize your inventory into groups. Here is the step by step breakdown of how to do this project.

  1. Clear and clean the space completely.

  2. Place items on a cleared space like a table or counter and start grouping like items.

  3. Take note of expired, gross, and never used items and toss them out.

  4. Now, look at what you have left and take a quick inventory because next is the fun part, SHOPPING FOR CONTAINERS! Take some measurements before buying anything and consider how each item will fit into the containers your are interested in. I found these little plastic baskets and spice canisters that came with pre-printed labels (Don't forget to date your spices). I used these chalkboard labels and got these paint pens because the chalkboard pens don't work all that well. Also, if you make a mistake, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove and redo! If you want to go the clear see-through bin route, here are some links for large, medium and small ones. Another item your will need is a stepped spice holder so you can get to all of them.

  5. Now all you need to do is place all your items in your new bins, and funnel all the spices into matching canisters and label! If your shelves allow for it, you may want to consider moving them around to better fit all your items. I moved the bottom shelf up 1 notch so the spices in the back can be taken out easily.

  6. Enjoy being able to find all your items!! You are now organized!


More to come!

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